5 Reasons Why YouTube Is A Great Place To Learn Science

 It may have been that in times past, scientists avoided platforms like YouTube because they seemed to be the destination of every star crazed youth, or those who dreamt of stardom, but lacked the necessary skills to achieve it. However, social media platforms, and YouTube in particular, have gained a lot of mainstream credit. They are an inexpensive, and effective way of communicating with your target audience. So, it is no wonder that educators, scientists, and others have begun to utitilise the platform to educate, inform, and advise.

So, with no further ado, let us consider 5 reasons why YouTube is a great place to learn science.

1/ Knowledge Vacuum? Not On YouTube!

The great thing about YouTube is it's pervasiveness! It is everywhere, and covers just about everything! Because of this, you can find information on just about everything. The audience also knows this, that is why Science educators, and Scientists, must work hard to be heard on the platform.

If you don't fill the vacuum, someone else will!

2/ Countering Fake News With Facts

Unfortunately, Social Media Platforms are full of misinformation. As such, 'fake news' abounds. And, whilst the Platform owners work hard to weed out fake news, educators and Scientists can step up, and counter the fake news with facts.

Whilst some people will never be convinced, a few studies, results, and surveys can do a lot to ensure that the population has, at least, an informed opinion on which they can base their conclusions.

3/ Time To Shine!

Think Bill Nye the Science guy, and you'll understand how popularity can really hone those communications!

You never know, your secret talent may not be Science, but may be a Science influencer!

4/ Science Trek - The Next Generation

As a science educator, you can boldly go where no one else has gone before! And, as a benefit, educate the next generations of...well just about everyone!

Be the Picard of YouTube Science, and bold go beyond where others have gone before!

5/ A Better YouTube

As mentioned, YouTube has, at times become the haunt of fake news, and misinformation. As a facts based educator, you will not only get your message across, educate the next generations, but also to increase the worth of YouTube as a reliable medium for information.

It's a Win-Win situation for Science folk, Audience, and YouTube itself!

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